What’s Waking You Up?

Wednesday October 13th, 2021

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Sleeping, Breathing, and Eating

What do these three things have in common?  They are vital to our lives.

Sleep consumes, or at least it should, one third of our lives, and it has a major impact on how we live the other two thirds of our existence.

Sleep deficiency is a huge problem for millions of people.  It’s estimated that in America, 70% of the adult population struggle to fall or stay asleep at least one night a month and 11% of them have trouble sleeping every night.

Sleep related problems affect more than adults, though.  Approximately 50 – 70 million Americans of all ages and social demographics do not get enough sleep.

Losing sleep at night is maddening.

You have things to do: a family to take care of, important deadlines to meet for work, a house to clean, meals to prepare, and the list goes on.  

Not only do you need a restful night’s sleep to keep up with life, but a good night’s sleep is important for good physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, a good night’s sleep is only a dream for millions of people.

The Seriousness of a Sleepless Night

A small number of people may lose sleep as a result of their own choices like staying out too late or not wanting to miss the end of a movie or needing to see the final score of the game.  

A small number of people may lose sleep as a result of their own choices like staying out too late or not wanting to miss the end of a movie or needing to see the final score of the game.  

However, a larger number of people lose sleep due to no fault of their own, such as suffering with chronic sleep disorders.

Regardless of the reason, sleep loss can be a serious issue and can cause serious problems.  It has been proven to be the cause of on-the-job accidents as well as car accidents.

It’s also associated with poor job performance, mood swings, behavioral issues, mental and physical ailments.

The Why’s

Sleeplessness can be blamed on many things — too many to mention here, but some of the major culprits are explained below.

An obvious offender is Chronic Insomnia which affects about 10% of Americans.  But this sleep disorder usually presents the challenge of falling asleep, not staying asleep.

Staying asleep is a more common troublemaker.

One disorder that wakes people up after falling asleep is Sleep Apnea.  According to  sleephealth.org, 1 in 5 adults in America reportedly suffer from this often dangerous breathing condition that is linked to hypertension, cognitive impairment, heart disease and stroke.

Please seek professional medical advice if you believe your sleep loss is due to Sleep Apnea.

Less risky causes for sleep deficiency are related to physical and environmental surroundings.  Some of these include:

  • Room Temperature – too hot, too cold, or too humid
  • Lighting – natural light or blue light from electronics
  • Respiratory Issues – a seasonal cold, sinus problems, or a deviated septum
  • Bedding – an uncomfortable mattress, sheets, or pillow
  • Sleep Hygiene – sleeping in the same clothes you wore all day
  • Medications – prescriptions or sleep aids
  • Shift Work – difficulty sleeping due to an unusual work schedule
  • Melatonin – low levels in your body’s natural production
  • Snoring – either your own or your partners

The Solutions

Some of the why’s are easier to fix than others, of course.  You can easily buy a new pillow, turn your thermostat down, or slip into cozy pajamas.

But what about issues like humidity and melatonin?  How can you fix those?

That’s simple. Connect with Sleep Connection!

Sleep Connection is an e-commerce store supplying quality sleep solutions for millions of people across the globe.

Wake up renewed every day with these 4 Amazing Sleep Essentials:

  • Cool Mist Humidifier – helps open dry airways and nasal cavities by releasing moisture into the air without changing the temperature.
  • Sleeping Eye Mask – block out all light sources with our gentle eye mask made of high-quality, soft fabric that won’t slip or slide during sleep.
  • Melatonin Patches – non-slip patches created with a unique combination of calming herbs that absorb into the skin to provide a deep, peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Anti-Snore Wristband – scientifically designed with a biosensor that detects and distinguishes snoring and sends natural, smooth electric pulses to alert the wearer to shift sleeping positions without disturbing sleep.

The anti-snore wristband is used with the patented Self-Adhesive Electrode Pads.  These inexpensive gel pads are used to send electrical signals to the wristband.  They are reusable but should be replaced at least once per month.

Our friendly customer service team members can help you choose the right sleep solution for you.

Sleep Connection is committed to helping you get your best sleep because you are what you sleep!  

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