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Tuesday February 7th, 2023

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Most people know that sleep is crucial for good mental and physical health. A multitude of health issues can arise when the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per night for adults is forfeited.

Problems such as high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, and depression are a few of the health complications that are possible from sleep deficiency.

But is the same true for the occasional poor night’s sleep? Can one or two sleepless nights manifest negative effects on your health?

According to sleep experts, the answer is yes. Cognitive and physical health can be affected after losing sleep even for one or two nights.

Cognitive Consequences

Samuel Gurevich, MD, a pulmonologist and sleep disorder specialist explains, “Sleep is important because being awake is important. One or two nights of bad sleep can impair your ability to function well the next day.”

A lack of proper sleep – even for just one night – can result in several distressing cognitive side effects like irritability, sleepiness during the day, decreased focus and concentration, poor reaction times, problems with memory function, and anxiety or depression.

Dr. Gurevich explains, “Paying attention to your surroundings and your reaction time are processes that keep us safe and on task. When those processes aren’t working as well as they should, it can impair your performance at work or school and even put you at risk of car crashes or other accidents.”

Physical Problems

Both short and long-term sleep loss can lead to various physical symptoms. One of the more severe problems is heart health.

Dr. Gurevich states that a lack of sleep causes an increase in stress hormones which triggers your resting heart rate and blood pressure to increase. However, those changes aren’t usually worrisome if they happen only once in a while.

The body and brain are able to recuperate well from one or two sleepless nights, but if it becomes a pattern, it can have lasting impacts on your heart health according to Dr. Gurevich.

In addition to the cardiovascular system, the respiratory. nervous, digestive, and endocrine symptoms can suffer from sleep depravity.

Health Benefits of Sleeping Well

Your brain and body are able to slow down and engage in recovery processes while you sleep. These processes promote better mental and physical performance the next day and over time.

A good night’s rest will benefit your health and well-being in several necessary ways:

  • Brain function – promotes memory retention and regulates emotions
  • Immune System – boosts build your body’s ability to fight infections
  • Tissue Repair – releases proteins & hormones that help restore damaged tissues, including muscle.

Concentration, energy levels, and mood are all positive impacts of a proper night’s sleep.

Solutions for Sleepless Night

Unfortunately, falling and staying asleep isn’t always easy to do.

What do you do when you feel tired and are ready to get some ZZZs, but your body doesn’t cooperate?

Thankfully, there are some natural sleep remedies and some sleep aids from Sleep Connection that can help you naturally fall and stay asleep easily and quickly.

Natural Solutions

Try to sleep in a cool, quiet, and dark room or environment. Computer and phone screens and bright lights can wreak havoc on your brain at bedtime.

Do not exercise or drink caffeine up to two hours before bedtime.

Identify stressors and recognize how they’re affecting your quality and duration of sleep. Stress, anxiety, and depression are common reasons people toss and turn at night.

Make sure to see a doctor if you’ve tried at-home methods but sill cannot sleep well.
Your sleeping difficulty may be due to sleep apnea or a thyroid disorder.

Sleep Connection Solutions

Sleeping Eye Mask – Create a dark space anytime, anywhere if this innovative light-blocking sleep mask. Its high-quality, soft fabric is comfortable for any face shape and will not slip during wear.

Melatonin Patches – Sometimes your body needs a little nudge. The unique
combination of calming herbs in these non-habit-forming patches absorbs into the skin to help you gently fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

Cool Mist Humidifier – Relieve dry airways and naval passages with our sleek, portable humidifier. The cool mist will help alleviate allergens and dust in the air to help you breathe better. Better breathing means better sleep.

Anti-Snore Watch – Snoring is one of the most common culprits of bad sleep quality. Snoring is usually caused by a blockage in the air passageways in the back of the throat. The Anti-Snore Wristband has a scientifically designed biosensor that can detect and distinguish loud snores. When it does, It automatically sends natural smooth electrical pulses to your body without disturbing your normal sleep. These pulses help you naturally reposition your body and your jaw for better airflow which prevents snoring.

Wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to start your day when you sleep with any of the sleep solutions from Sleep Connection.

Our dream is to help you get your best night’s sleep every night!