What Does Dreaming in Color Mean?

Wednesday January 13th, 2021

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There are ongoing debates about whether people dream in color or in black and white. Countless studies exist about dreams. But, at the end of the day, nobody can get into another person’s head to see what they’re dreaming.

What we do know is most people only remember fragments of the dreams that happen during deep sleep or the REM phase. These REM dreams come back like faded memories, and sometimes they involve colors, sometimes not. But, if you do dream in color, what do those different colors mean? 







What Does Dreaming in Color Mean?

When we’re awake, color has plenty of symbolism. Colors and shades can depict anything from sadness to anger to love to fear. It’s not surprising that the same symbolism can carry over into a dream. 

In your REM dreams, a burst of color can come through to express different emotions. But, which ones? Here is what you need to know about colors in dreams, using the basic eight colors you’ll find in a standard box of crayons. 

Red in Dreams​

Red can be a controversial color whether you’re asleep or awake. When dreaming, red can have a variety of interpretations.
For some, red can mean romance, love, desire, passion, intimacy, or lust. For others, red can mean violence or anger.
Red can be a symbol of power, meaning you are living an adventurous and bold life. But, it might also be a warning sign, such as a “red flag.”

Orange in Dreams​

If you see orange in your REM dreams, you were probably having fun while sleeping. This is a bold and bright color that signifies vigor, hope, and optimism. It can also be a symbol of creativity, desire, hunger, and sociability.

Yellow in Dreams​

Yellow is a color that can have a variety of meanings. On the positive side, yellow can mean happiness, hope, lightheartedness, and innocence. On the negative side, yellow can indicate fear, indecision, or sickness.

Green in Dreams​

Green is a “cool” color that is found in the environment, so it is often associated with feelings of peace and tranquility. Green is also the color of the heart chakra, which is linked to hope and healing.
Green might symbolize power, money, or prosperity. It could mean it’s time “go,” like with a traffic signal.

Blue in Dreams​

Blue is a common color found in dreams that is generally considered peaceful and tranquil. The color is often associated with the sky and water and can be linked to honesty, relaxation, flowing thoughts, and loyalty. But, blue can also mean depressed and sad (feeling “blue”).

Violet in Dreams​

A combination of red and blue, the color purple or violet is considered a majestic and spiritual color. It is often associated with sound judgment and royalty.
Lighter shades of purple, or violet, can mean precious, delicate, or highly regarded. Deeper shades of purple could indicate moodiness.

Brown in Dreams​

Brown is a color that comes from the earth. People who dream in brown may need to return to the source of a problem or have a need for “grounding.” But brown can also mean trustworthiness, friendliness, and wholesomeness. Beige or light brown could mean predictability or neutrality.

Black in Dreams​

Black is obviously the darkest color you can experience in a dream or even the lack of color. It can be associated with feelings of mourning, sadness, loneliness, or depression. Black can also signify anger, hatred, or fear.
On the other hand, black is a common color in fashion. Its presence can mean that you are ready to get more serious about your goals or career.

What If You Dream in Black and White?

Don’t be worried if your REM dreams are in black and white. Some people dream entirely in black and white, and others will have just splashes of color arrive to depict emotions. Here’s what black and white dreams could mean.

Dreams that are only in two colors might simply be telling you that a situation you view as complex isn’t that complicated. 

Understanding the meaning behind your dreams can be challenging, particularly when colors are involved. Here are a few tips to help you interpret your REM dreams:

If You Remember a Color, It May Be Important

If you recall certain colors after waking, they’re likely important and something you should examine.

Look for Combinations of Colors

You might have dreams with different color combinations. For example, a blue and yellow bird could signify happiness and peace.

Consider Your Relationship With Different Colors

If your favorite color is blue and it’s often in your dreams, this could mean something different than dreaming about orange, which is a color you can’t stand.

Think About the Context of the Dream

Colors are essential, but so is how they are depicted. That blue and yellow bird could mean something different if it is singing in its nest vs. being locked in a cage. 

Whether your dream in color or black and white, the quality of your sleep and REM dreams is what’s important. When it comes to interpreting the meaning of your dreams, you are the best resource. Use your intuition to guide what is right for you.